About Us

Vico Scientific Sales Private Limited (VICO) is a registered company since 1979 under the Indian Company Law promoted with the sole aim to market and accord full service support for Vacuum Systems, Components and Allied Instrumentation, Cryogenics, Specialty Materials (Metals, Chemicals) etc in India.

VICO having its own specialised products has further diversified into technical and scientific areas and has by now established itself as one of the most reputable organisation having expertise to market and service wide range of domestic and foreign products.

To provide countrywide coverage, VICO has its associates and representatives in all the principal cities in India.

The company employs highly qualified Engineers, Technologists and experienced Technicians in its areas of operations. Some of our engineers have also undergone extensive training at reputed facilities in India and internationally known companies.

VICO now has been working in the field of Cryogenic and Vacuum Technology. We keep on updating our customers and also introducing to the Researchers, Engineers and the scientific fraternity in this field by way of sharing the following important information. We besides having manufacturing facility, also represent many foreign leading companies in this area.